About B2Digital Inc.
With an extensive background in entertainment, television, video, and technology, B2Digital (OTC: BTDG) is now forging ahead and becoming a full-service live event sports company. Capitalizing on the combination of B2Digital CEO Greg P. Bell’s expertise and involvement with more than 40,000 live events over his career for major sports leagues and entertainment venues, B2Digital is in the process of developing and acquiring MMA and sports-related companies to build an integrated Premier Development League, Expand the B2 Official Training Facility Program Network and Continue the growth of the B2 Social Media Network for the multibillion-dollar mixed martial arts (“MMA”) industry.

B2Digital intends to create and develop league champions that will move on to the MMA major leagues from the Company’s B2 Fighting Series brand. Each year, the top fighters will be invited to the annual B2 Fighting Series National Championship live event.

B2Digital has developed and deployed the systems and technologies for the operation of the B2 Fighting Series, “B2FS”. This includes social media marketing, event management, digital ticketing sales, digital video distribution, digital marketing, PPV, FTV (Free to View), merchandise sales, brand management, and financial control systems. B2Digital owns all rights for TV, internet, social media, media, merchandising and trademarks, and branding for the B2Digital companies.

GREG P. BELL | Chairman & CEO Bio

Mr. Bell is one of the early pioneers and entrepreneurs in Entertainment and Digital Media and has been working in the field for over 30 years. He was involved in the early creation of the technologies and algorithms that allowed analog media to be transformed into digital bits and compressed data streams and created specific business enterprises that capitalized on the creation of digital transmissions at Scientific Atlanta, Compressions Labs, VCON International and Qwest. Mr. Bell was one of the initial Vice Presidents of Business Development at Qwest Communications where he developed Qwest's Digital Media Company, Slingshot Networks. He then ran all operations of Slingshot, reporting to the board of directors, which managed and operated three full time studios including the creation of the Broadcast Studio in Staples Center, TV and News productions, LIVE events at the Staples Center, distribution of a national television show distributed by Warner Brothers TV Distribution and online television productions and web distribution for the NFL, NBA, NHL, AFL, Boxing, the Democratic Convention and LIVE music events. Upon leaving Slingshot in 2000, Mr. Bell began specializing in developing emerging market media companies. Mr. Bell founded B2 Networks in 2000 which quickly became the defacto standard for Watching LIVE Pay per View Sporting events online. B2's Proprietary Online System broadcast LIVE Professional and Collegiate sporting events online to a global audience broadcasting over 1000 LIVE games per month. Mr. Bell developed and implemented a merger with B2 Networks and the America ONE Television Network where he became CEO of the combined companies. Under Mr. Bell's direction the company now called ONE Media Corp launched the new ONE World Sports TV Network, now operating under the brand Eleven Sports, in North America on Cable and Satellite. Mr. Bell specializes in developing and fast tracking emerging entertainment, transaction technology and media companies. He continues to expand his holdings and in February 2017 he became the Chairman and CEO of B2 Digital, INC., Trading at Symbol: BTDG on the OTC Market. B2 Digital will capitalize on Mr. Bell's LIVE Event Experience and is in the process of building a Premier Development League for the MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Major Leagues, and is in the process in of acquiring Sports Related companies to develop the business into a vertically integrated LIVE Event Sports Company. Mr. Bell has worked at the top technology development companies that developed the digital technologies, which are in use today at Scientific Atlanta, Compression Labs, VCON and Qwest. He also has managed and been directly involved with over 55,000 LIVE events in his 30 year career. He has worked with a diverse group of clients in the entertainment, sports and technology communities including the NFL, NBA, NHL, AHL, NLL, ECHL, IFL, USHL, SPHL, NCAA, NAIA, MISL, AFL, AOL, FOX, UFC, NAAFS, Bellator, WEF, the Staples Center, the Orleans Arena, Oscar De La Hoya, Barbra Streisand, and top entertainment venues, acts and actors. His clients and companies have capitalized on Mr. Bell's knowledge of the world of Entertainment, LIVE Events, Sports, Digital Television and Digital Online Transaction Systems.


Vanessa Higdon

COO, B2 Fighting Series


Haley Cox



Gene Gorczyca

COO, B2 Productions


Mark Slater

COO, Colosseum Combat

Chris Lytle

EVP, Fighter Relations & Development 

Brandon 'Hardrock' Higdon

VP, Matchmaking

Elliot Bell

VP, Social Media & Digital Infrastructure

Jamie Sullivan

VP, Business Development

Brian Cox

VP, Capital Infrastructure